[SciPy-user] compiling scipy on Fedora Core 4 -- undefined reference to PyInt_Type --follow-up

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 13:36:09 CST 2006

David Mobley wrote:
> Following up on the below problems, I'm still trying to compile scipy
> 0.4.4 under RedHat Fedora Core 4. I'm now using gcc 4.0.2 and atlas
> 3.6.0-8, blas 3.0-36, lapack 3.0-35, numpy 0.94, numarray 1.4.0, and
> Numeric 24.2. We've also tried on an Opteron (fedora core 4) with no
> success. I'm still getting the same error when I try to compile as before:
>> The first error is "In function 'int_from_pyobj':
> build/src/Lib/fftpack/_fftpackmodule.c:109: undefine d reference to
> 'PyInt_Type'.
> Any further suggestions?

Are you sure that you are picking up Python.h?

> This is all because I'm hoping to install f2py (although I anticipate
> using scipy for other reasons later) to be able to interface with some
> fortran code I'm trying to use for my research relating to computational
> drug design.

Well, if all you need right now is f2py, it's part of numpy, not scipy.

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robert.kern at gmail.com

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