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Nico nicolist at limare.net
Mon Feb 6 09:13:28 CST 2006


I'm a new user of the numpy-discussion and scipy-user mailing-lists. So,
as I usually do, here are a few words about me and my use of numpy/scipy.

I am a doctorate student, in Paris; I will work on numerical analysis,
mesh generation and image processing, and I intend to do the prototyping
(and maybe everything) of my works with python. I recently choosed
python because...
- flexible and rich language for array manipulation
- seems a good language to help me write clean, clear, bug-free and
reusable code
- seems possible to make a GUI frontend without too much pain
- seems OK to glue with various other C/fortran applications without to
much pain
- free, as in free beer (I had to work on Matlab previously, and I don't
like to force people pay for an expensive licence if they are interested
in my work)
- free, as in free speech (... I also had serious problems, needing
compatibility of Matlab with a linux kernel not officially supported)

I use numpy/scipy on Debian/Ubuntu, building from the release tarballs.
And I am currently reading the available documentation...

Last thing: What about a #scipy irc channel? I feel there are too many
people on irc.freenode.org/#python for an efficient use.

Happy coding!

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