[SciPy-user] Wrapping C libraries for Numeric integration

Robert Cimrman cimrman3 at ntc.zcu.cz
Tue Feb 7 05:48:26 CST 2006

Bryan Cole wrote:
> Hi All,
> What's the best approach for wrapping C libraries where the
> inputs/outputs are C arrays (which I want to pass to/from Numeric
> arrays)? 
> I'm a regular SWIG user, but I don't have any typemaps to handle
> C-array-to-Numeric conversion and I can't see any distributed with SWIG.
> What approach is used by SciPy? (I know scipy is mostly fortran routines
> but surely you have a few C ones?).
> Can anyone point me to existing typemaps for this purpose, to save me
> writing my own.

You can have a look at the umfpack wrapper file in 

Hope that helps,

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