[SciPy-user] installation problem

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Tue Feb 7 14:13:13 CST 2006

Ryan Krauss wrote:

>I am trying to install scipy/numpy from SVN on a computer on campus. 
>I have what I thought was an identical Ubuntu installation to the one
>I have at home where everything is working beautifully.  I am getting
>the following while trying to install numpy:
>I am getting a message about lapack not being in atlas, which I don't
>understand since I have the ubuntu packages for both installed (which
>I think is just like on my home computer).
>Thanks for your help,
It looks like you need to remove the build directory and try again.   In 
the numpy directory do rm -fr build/

PyArray_CheckStrides recently changed its interface and the setup.py 
script did not re-generate the header (though it probably should do that 


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