[SciPy-user] derivatives of datas?

Nils Wagner nwagner at mecha.uni-stuttgart.de
Wed Feb 8 09:53:29 CST 2006

manouchk wrote:
>I'd like to calculate derivative curve of datas. Datas is of type first column 
>=X and 2nd one Y=f(X) that can be put in 2 vector (for example). I'd like to 
>know if scipy provides a function data derivatives (that I would have miss?), 
>more advanced than a simple point to point linear derivative, using weighted 
>spline for example... ?
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splev(x, tck, der=0)
    Evaulate a B-spline and its derivatives.


      Given the knots and coefficients of a B-spline representation,
      the value of the smoothing polynomial and it's derivatives.
      This is a wrapper around the FORTRAN routines splev and splder of


      x (u) -- a 1-D array of points at which to return the value of the
               smoothed spline or its derivatives.  If tck was returned from
               splprep, then the parameter values, u should be given.
      tck -- A sequence of length 3 returned by splrep or splprep
containg the
             knots, coefficients, and degree of the spline.
      der -- The order of derivative of the spline to compute (must be
less than
             or equal to k).

    Outputs: (y, )

      y -- an array of values representing the spline function or
curve.  If tck
           was returned from splrep, then this is a list of arrays
           the curve in N-dimensional space.


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