[SciPy-user] New Lyx Version eas(ier) to install on Windows.

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Thu Feb 9 09:44:34 CST 2006

Howey, David A wrote:

>I like Lyx, but one of my colleagues said to me 'why don't you just use
>latex directly? It's not that difficult'... 
That's similar to saying to a Python user:   "Why don't you just use C 
directly, it's not that difficult" :-)

I used to use LaTeX exclusively, but got tired of the compilation step.  
I would invariably forget braces or misspell a keyword and then have to 
debug my document in order to get it to "compile".

LyX lets you focus on the content.  For example, I love how I can write 
math using LaTeX symbols and have the math show up on screen as I type.  
I do most of my derivations now using LyX.

Yes, I know there are ways to do automatic compilation with LaTeX.  But, 
LyX just makes it that much easier for me.

>I still haven't quite got my head around
>how Lyx and latex work together. For example, if I use lyx can I hack
>the latex code easily?
LyX has its own file format for saved files.  When you want to "print" 
the document, Lyx creates a latex file and then processes it using 
latex.  Every LyX construct has some underlying  (LaTeX + extra 
packages) implementation.  You can define your own LyX constructs as 
well to extend the system with  additional LaTeX features.  Or, most 
people just insert raw LaTeX code into LyX.  This code goes through 
unchanged into the final LaTeX file. 

LyX is definitely my favorite way to write a document.


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