[SciPy-user] New Lyx Version eas(ier) to install on Windows.

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 06:41:47 CST 2006


> I played with LyX a few times but I haven't seen what are the advantages
> of it over Latex (I'd like to know about them, if there are), but its
> hybrid (WYSI-not-exactly-WYG) approach seems to me not hiding
> complexity, but adding confusion.

Well, just to add a vote to LyX; I was also unconvinced before
Fernando persuaded me to use LyX, but am absolutely persuaded now I
have used it for a few months.  I found that it was much _easier_ to
see the logical structure in a Lyx document, because you have all the
section subsection etc machinery visible from the page layout, without
having to constantly do an implicit parse of stuff like:

\subsection{Specific Aims}
\item{{\bf Aim 1:}

It's simple enough to do in your head, but just soaks up brain
processing power that I would prefer to use for the writing.

Most of us using LyX used to use LaTeX - so the acid test is - try it
for a while...  Come on in, the waters warm.


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