[SciPy-user] SciPy tutorial update

Joe Harrington jh at oobleck.astro.cornell.edu
Fri Feb 10 10:59:30 CST 2006

Dave, great work.  Boy, I hope that Section 8 is machine-generated!

I just posted a long message to numpy-discussion about workflow on the
web site.  Rather than cross-posting, I'll just summarize, and refer
folks to the archives for the full argument.  The basic idea is,
initially post a project in Developer_Zone.  When it is at the 1.0
stage, link it under the appropriate main-site page.  When it's mature
and/or you are no longer looking for help, delete it from
Developer_Zone.  The decision of when to take each step is yours/the
community's.  I'd hope big projects would post a message to scipy-dev
(and possibly the other lists as well) soliciting reviews before
linking to the main site, and after doing major revisions.  The idea
is to keep the main site clean enough of "under construction" notices
that it doesn't scare away non-expert users, and to attract
contributors to help out on projects that are in their growth stages.

So, post it in DevZone right away.  Since we don't have much current
documentation, I think you should link it into the Documentation page
as well as soon as someone can give it a positive review.  My main
concern would be to have someone on a different box test all the
examples, from the installations up.


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