[SciPy-user] Telling setup.py where to find stuff

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 10:25:36 CST 2006

Bill Dandreta wrote:
> Otto Maddox wrote:
>>I'm having a few troubles getting SciPy built, mostly due to mixing and
>>matching compilers out of necessity.
>>I installed Python 2.4.2 from source using Apple's GCC 4. Then, to get
>>g77, installed GCC 3.4.5 from source into /opt/local/gcc34 (normally not
>>in my PATH).
>>Numpy 0.9.4 seemed to install fine by doing
>>F77=/opt/local/gcc34/bin/g77 python setup.py install

Since numpy doesn't have any FORTRAN code, we don't expect setting the FORTRAN
compiler to have any effect.

>>The problem is that the same thing doesn't work for getting SciPy's
>>setup.py to find g77.

We don't use environment variables to determine the compiler executable.
numpy.distutils needs more information to determine the appropriate flags.

$ python setup.py config_fc --fcompiler=gnu --f77exec=/opt/local/gcc34/bin/g77

[All on one line, of course.]

>> Also, I do not know how to tell it where my fftw
>>lives (under /opt/local/lib, /opt/local/include).
>>Does anybody have any advice, please?
> Try:
> PATH=$PATH:/opt/local/lib:/opt/local/include
> export PATH

I'm pretty sure numpy.distutils won't check the PATH variable (which is meant
for executables) for library and header paths.

You can pass -L and -I arguments to build_clib and build_ext. Or you can set the
FFTW environment variable to /opt/local . Or you can create a site.cfg file in
numpy/distutils/ directory in the source[1]; see the file
numpy/distutils/system_info.py for an example.

[1] Are we still using this location? Why aren't we looking in os.getcwd()? Are
we ever not in the root of the source tree when site.cfg is supposed to be read?

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