[SciPy-user] Right way to import scipy

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 21:35:46 CST 2006

Bill Baxter wrote:
> I posted this on the numpy list, but it seems more a scipy issue.
> If you do this:
> import numpy as N
> import scipy as S
> Then S.linalg looks to be identical to N.linalg.  In particular it
> doesn't have things like lu, qr, gmres, etc.
> If you subsequently do 'from scipy.linalg import lu', then suddenly
> S.linalg looks different from N.linalg, and it has not just lu, but all
> the other scipy linalg goodies too.
> Is this a bug?  I would like to add info about getting at these
> functions to the Scipy for Matlab Users wiki page, but I'd like to know
> first if
> A) this is the expected behavior, or just a bug and

It's expected if you know what's going on, but not really desirable.
scipy/__init__.py does a "from numpy import *" which is pulling in the linalg
package. I'm pretty sure we don't want that. In fact, we already have a "del
lib" statement to clear that conflicting module, so we should just add a "del
linalg" statement, too.

> B) if these import statements are really the best way to get at
> scipy.linalg.lu <http://scipy.linalg.lu> et al.
>    import numpy as N
>    import scipy as S
>    from scipy.linalg import lu

Yup. Or just:

  from scipy.linalg import lu

or even:

  from scipy import linalg

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