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Adrián López alopez at imim.es
Thu Feb 23 13:41:14 CST 2006

Sorry for not saying that before. I have scipy-0.4.6, numpy-0.9.5 and  
Numeric-24.2. Also, if I run

 >>numpy.test(1, 1)

Ran 329 tests in 0.476s

<unittest.TextTestRunner object at 0xb7ae72ec>



WARNING: cblas module is empty
See scipy/INSTALL.txt for troubleshooting.
* If atlas library is not found by numpy/distutils/system_info.py,
   then scipy uses fblas instead of cblas.

Ran 1081 tests in 83.732s

<unittest.TextTestRunner object at 0xb77b0b6c>

Thanks for your help,


Adrián López García de Lomana, Graduate Student

Computational Biochemistry and Biophysics Lab
Research Group on Biomedical Informatics (GRIB) - IMIM / UPF
c/ Dr. Aiguader, 80; 08003 Barcelona (Spain)

On Feb 23, 2006, at 8:23 PM, Travis Oliphant wrote:

> Adrián López wrote:
>> Hi people,
>> I use SciPy since a few months ago. I use it mainly to integrate a
>> system of ODEs. Until now this piece of code was running nicely with
>> the previous version of SciPy:
> You need to tell us what version of SciPy and what version of Numeric
> (or NumPy which is different) you are running.
> The errors you are seeing look like installation trouble (i.e. the  
> wrong
> backend for SciPy).
> -Travis
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