[SciPy-user] (no subject)

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Fri Feb 24 06:33:24 CST 2006

Adrián López wrote:

>the code file is generated automatically, that was the reason for the  
>strange lines as
Found the ultimate problem.   It was not a bug in Python (it usually 
isn't).  It was a bug in array scalars.  The +x[6]  was causing the 
problem.  This calls the C-equivalent of __pos__  which I had defined 
badly using a function that had two arguments (instead of one).   The 
second argument was being filled with whatever was on the stack.  On my 
system it just caused a funny argument error, but on yours it was 
causing a segfault.

This should now be fixed in SVN.  In the mean-time, avoid using 
+(anything that produces an array scalar like x[6])

Thanks again for the good test.


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