[SciPy-user] Messing with missing values

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Sat Feb 25 17:36:19 CST 2006

Most of the data I work with have missing values, and I rely on 'ma' a lot. 
Unfortunately, most of the numpy/scipy functions don't handle missing values 
nicely. Not a problem I thought, I just have to adapt the functions I need.
I have 2 options: wrapping the initial functions in tests, or recode the 
initial functions. 
* According to your experience, which is the most efficient way to go ?
* I have a function that outputs either a float or MA.masked. I call this 
function recursively, appending the result to a list, and then trying to 
process the list as an array. How could I mask the values corresponding to 
MA.masked in the final list, without having to check every single element?

Thanks for your ideas

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