[SciPy-user] Renaming scipy_core: here we go again

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Jan 3 23:35:44 CST 2006

lanceboyle at qwest.net wrote:

> All of these names are obscure. _Must_ that be the way of open source  
> projects? Would you give any of these names to a product that you  
> wished to sell and thus wished to be descriptive?
> First, consider that non-scientists might be interested in the  
> software; for example, an engineer might find it useful. Second,  
> consider your audience. To whom outside this group does  
> "scicore" (SKI-cor) mean diddly? You are suffering from the "Airport  
> Sign Syndrome" wherein the people who make signs for airports already  
> know where to go; it's the folks from out of town who get into fender  
> benders trying to decipher bad signs.

Several of us have already admitted we suck at coming up with good names.  And 
we've been burning time on this issue, when Travis could be renaming code and 
setting up the new repo.

So how about, instead of criticizing on something we already know, you simply 
make useful suggestions OF BETTER NAMES?  We already admitted we don't know 
how to do better, so by all means help.



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