[SciPy-user] Renaming scipy_core: here we go again

Randewijk P-J <pjrandew@sun.ac.za> pjrandew at sun.ac.za
Wed Jan 4 01:44:13 CST 2006

What about a name to compliment python, i.e. a name of some sort of
snake... but that also sounds somewhat mathematical...

My first choice would by, our deadly:

1) pufadder 

thought sounding not "mathematical", but still a snake,

2) mamba
3) cobra

could also be considered...

Also with the chief author's surname sounding very... South African... a
deadly (South) African snake name would be imho very appropriate... but
maybe I'm biased...


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> Several of us have already admitted we suck at coming up with 
> good names.  And 
> we've been burning time on this issue, when Travis could be 
> renaming code and 
> setting up the new repo.
> So how about, instead of criticizing on something we already 
> know, you simply 
> make useful suggestions OF BETTER NAMES?  We already admitted 
> we don't know 
> how to do better, so by all means help.
> Best,
> f
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