[SciPy-user] Renaming scipy_core: here we go again

Gary pajer at iname.com
Wed Jan 4 07:39:56 CST 2006

Gary Ruben wrote:

>I think there is a consensus forming on the dev list to go with numpy. 
>In fact, in the interests of homing in on something quickly, Travis's 
>last post there was to ask for reasons 'against' going with numpy. I'm 
>cross-posting this fact here so everyone gets a voice. My opinion, 
>voiced on the dev list, was to go with numpy. My reading is that unless 
>someone has a really good reason against it, or comes up with a new 
>killer name, it'll be numpy.
>Gary R.
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small point:  the new name ought to be googleable.  Numpy already has an 
existance, so, at least for a while, googling numpy will return lots of 
obsolete information.   Scicore, for example, wouldn't suffer from this 
problem, although I'm not crazy about scicore.  Names like cobra aren't 
very good in this regard.  

I sometimes use a TeX macro package called ConTeXt.   Google is useless.

ATC, I like numpy at the moment, with reservations.

-gary p.

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