[SciPy-user] newbie...info doesn't work...

Devalière Eve-Marie evemariedevaliere at yahoo.fr
Wed Jan 4 12:56:06 CST 2006

Hi folks!

Thanks Evan and Dave!
The info for the mailing list helps but I still can't
access the info command...so for now I am trying to
use numarray instead ...
my pythonpath is the following:

I didn't find any scipy directory under user lib but
when I import it it works fine...
Am I missing smth? (I had installed scipy core only at
first and it wasn't working (well same thing info
wasn't wiorking but import was...) so then I installed
scipy_complete...without any change...

Also, is it worth it to buy the scipy doc?

Thanks a lot!
--- Evan Monroig <evan.monroig at gmail.com> a écrit :

> On Dec.30 02h19, Devalière Eve-Marie wrote :
> >  I feel kind of stupid but I have just installed
> > python and stuff for scipy and just my 'info'
> function
> > doesn't work...other functions seems to work but
> > seeing how week is the scipy doc on the web I am
> > worrying...
> Hi,
> I'm not sure how you use scipy, but there are two
> cases
> If you use the command 'import scipy' to import
> scipy, then the info 
> function will be available as scipy.info
> On the other hand, if you use the command 'from
> scipy import *' to 
> import scipy, then info should be available
> directly. (and if it is not, 
> I don't know what to do..)
> > Would anyone have an idea on what's happening? 
> > Also, is there any working search among scipy
> > threads...the search mailing list doesn't give me
> any
> > result even typing smth like 'matrix'... so I went
> > into the archive of each month but that's not
> handy...
> I don't really know about scipy's website, but
> another solution is to 
> use google and enter this in the box when you look
> for 'matrix':
> site:www.scipy.org/mailinglists matrix
> Hope this helped ^^
> Evan
> ps: when you ask a question on the mailing-list you
> should write an 
> entirely new mail, not just reply to a mail and
> change the subject ;)
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