[SciPy-user] Renaming scipy_core: here we go again

Deiter Hering vel.accel at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 03:50:41 CST 2006

Alexander Borghgraef wrote:

> On 1/4/06, *Ted Horst* <ted.horst at earthlink.net 
> <mailto:ted.horst at earthlink.net>> wrote:
>     My (limited) understanding is that scipy_core is primarily the
>     multidimensional array class and supporting infrastructure.  It is not
>     all that scientific except that linear algebra and ffts have been
>     bundled with it.  So perhaps the name should be something along the
>     lines of:
>     ndarray
>     multiarray
>     bigarray
>  Seconded. The name should be descriptive of what it is, not something 
> vague like 'scicore', which may sound relevant
> to developers, but not to anyone new to the library trying to solve a 
> problem with it. The name should either refer to
> multidimensional arrays or linear algebra, since those are the 
> concepts the lib is all about. A reference to tensors would
> be nice too, since they are basically n-D arrays, but that may be a 
> bit obscure for some. My list of names, including the
> one of Ted's list I like, in preferred order:
> pytensor
> pylinalg
> multiarray
> tensorlib
>  Also, is there a possibility of using capitals in the name, or does 
> your naming conventions preclude that? I like PyTensor
> and PyLinAlg a lot better than pytensor and pylinalg, but that may be 
> a matter of personal preference.
> -- 
> Alex Borghgraef
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Just to let the Scipy-user list know that the name is now: numpy.

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