[SciPy-user] scipy.basic to numpy

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Thu Jan 5 15:03:24 CST 2006

Rob Managan wrote:

>Am I right that with the change of scipy_core to numpy that where I used to use
>"scipy.basic.fft" I now have to use "numpy.fft"? That works but it 
>also means that I have to add an "import numpy" at the top of the 
Yes,  but numpy.dft is the correct name of the sub-package.  numpy.fft 
is an actual fft function.

Yes, you need to use import numpy.

Also, there is no playing with imports so that if you need a sub-package 
you have to import it.

import numpy.dft

There is a pkgload function in full scipy, that can auto-load 
sub-packages on request, but this is not done by default.

>This comes from testing whether the bugs in the fftpack stuff for Mac 
>OSX has been fixed yet. (It has not!)
Are you using the fftpack provided in numpy or are you trying to use fftw?

Please re-send any bug reports regarding fft on OSX.  



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