[SciPy-user] NumpyArray.resize(0)

Brendan Simons brendansimons at yahoo.ca
Thu Jan 5 21:38:22 CST 2006

Congrats Travis, Pearu and all.  I'm very excited that we'll soon  
have a standard for Python.
I apologize if the following has been discussed before:

When I try the following code:

a = numpy.ones(5)

I get:

ValueError: newsize is zero; cannot delete an array in this way

Numeric gave this result too, while Numarray hapily returns a 0d  
array.  I prefer the latter because it simplifies my current  
requirement:  a data structure, based on numpy, which holds an  
arbitrary number of data points, and which can be extended or  
truncated at will.  Is there a good reason for Numeric/Numpy's  
behaviour, as opposed to Numarray's?

Brendan Simons, Project Engineer
Stern Laboratories, Hamilton Ontario
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