[SciPy-user] NumPy On OpenBSD

Travis Oliphant oliphant at ee.byu.edu
Tue Jan 10 16:43:06 CST 2006

LATORNELL, Doug wrote:

>I'm having a go a building NumPy on OpenBSD 3.8 installed on an P4 box
>running Python 2.4.1.  I think I'm almost there, but I get the message
>"floating point flags not supported on this platform" twice when I
>import numpy, and about 30,000 times when I run numpy.test(10).  If I
>edit out that message though, the tests seem to have all been passed.
This message should probably be a warning because it is not a critical 
error it just means that certain functionality won't be available...

>I tracked the "floating point flags not supported on this platform"
>message down to numpy/core/include/numpy/ufuncobject.h  It looks like
>OpenBSD falls through the ifdefined structure that defines
>UFUNC_CHECK_STATUS(ret).  Looking at the various ways that the IEEE
>flags are tested for different platforms, I think OpenBSD might fall
>into the same block as SunOS since I have an ieeefp.h and an
>fpgetsticky() function.  Does this make sense, or am I barking up the
>wrong tree completely?  The problem is that I don't know what magic word
>I should add as an OR clause to 
>#elif defined(sun)
>to test my guess.  Where are the various platform names that are checked
>in unfuncobject.h defined?

That's a great question.  I would search on the net for what defines 
OpenBSD ensures....  You are right that all you need to do is determine 
how IEEE flags are handled on the platform and make the appropriate 


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