[SciPy-user] NumPy on ppc linux

Eric Zollars zollars at caltech.edu
Thu Jan 12 19:14:28 CST 2006

I cannot get setup.py to detect the xlf compilers that exist on this 
system.  The correct executables are in disutils/fcompiler/ibm.py but 
setup config_fc --help-fcompiler still has it as unavailable.  What else 
has to be done?  Is there an current installation guide for new numpy?


Travis Oliphant wrote:
> mfmorss at aep.com wrote:
>>Well, by changing "defined(AIX)" to "defined(_AIX)" in ufuncobject.h, I was
>>able to get past the "floating point flags not supported" problem, but
>>unfortunately, the resulting function UFUNC_CHECK_STATUS(ret) does not
>>work, to put it mildly.  Later on in the install, I get this:
> I found a problem with the header file in that section of code.  There 
> are two missing '\'
> characters.  They need to be on the end of every line. There are two 
> lines between
> #elif defined(_AIX)
> and
> #else
> that need to have a '\' placed on the end of them. 
> -Travis
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