[SciPy-user] problems with stats.py

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Mon Jan 16 02:17:39 CST 2006

oliver.tomic at matforsk.no wrote:

>Hi there,
>I am developing an application that amongst others uses stats.py from Gary
>Strangman (version 0.6, May 10, 2002). Since we've been encouraged to
>switch over to Numpy I tried to do so. Now however I am running into
>Previously I used Numeric 23.8 and everything worked fine. Then I installed
>Numpy and replaced 'Numeric' with 'Numpy' everywhere in the code. Now the
>following occurs:
Did you try using "numpy.lib.convertcode" ?   Did you convert stats.py 
as well?

There is a version of stats.py in (full) SciPy that seems to work fine, 
as well.


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