[SciPy-user] Suggested Linux Distribution?

Howey, David A d.howey at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Jan 16 07:38:39 CST 2006

I've heard good things about Ubuntu - look for messages from Ryan Krauss
(or email him) on this newslist


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>> Can people recommend a Linux distribution that "just works" for
scientific computing?  <<

I have it working under Gentoo <http://gentoo.org/>  but it took some
work because I had to tweak the ebuild file. Also installing Gentoo is a
royal PITA, it has no installer so you have to do everything from the
command line. The documentation is excellent and easy to follow but it
takes a couple of days to get the system and applications compiled. The
benefit is that once installed (and in the case of scipy, which is not
officially supported, tweaking the unofficial ebuild)

emerge scipy

is all you have to do to get software installed, it gets scipy and all
its dependencies from a Gentoo mirror, compiles and installs them..

You might want to check out The Quantian Scientific Computing Environmen
<http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com/quantian.html> t, it has scipy plus many
other scientific applications. You can boot and run it from your cdrom.


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