[SciPy-user] FFT Problem

Frederick Ross madhadron at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 08:58:11 CST 2006

I'm running the SVN builds from
http://homepage.mac.com/fonnesbeck/mac/ on MacOS 10.4.4 on a 2005
PowerBook G4, and have the following peculiar problem:

>>> import numpy
>>> a = numpy.array([1, 3, 5, 4])
>>> print numpy.ifft(numpy.fft(a))
[ 1.+0.j  3.+0.j  5.+0.j  4.+0.j]
>>> import scipy
Overwriting fft=<function fft at 0x783c70> from scipy.fftpack.basic
(was <function fft at 0x6ae6b0> from numpy.dft.fftpack)
Overwriting ifft=<function ifft at 0x783cb0> from scipy.fftpack.basic
(was <function inverse_fft at 0x6ae6f0> from numpy.dft.fftpack)
>>> print scipy.ifft(scipy.fft(a))
[ 1. +0.j  3.5-0.j  5. +0.j  3.5+0.j]

Any suggestions on what might be causing this would be much appreciated.

Frederick Ross
Graduate Fellow
The Rockefeller University

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