[SciPy-user] Suggested Linux Distribution?

mfmorss@aep.com mfmorss at aep.com
Mon Jan 16 09:46:54 CST 2006

>With any distribution you can build a custom kernel; as a matter of fact,
>you should. That's where you get the fine-tuning of your installation.

It is, of course, not only the kernel but all the packages that one runs,
e.g. gcc itself, Python, R, netCDF, whatever, that is locally compiled when
running a compiled distribution.  In each such case, therefore, there is
significantly greater exploitation of any given machine's computational
power.  This may not matter much to most people, but the question was about
building a system for scientific applications.  If you want things to run
fast, compile them from source, optimized for your own machine.  The
compiled distributions greatly facilitate this.

Mark F. Morss
Principal Analyst, Market Risk
American Electric Power

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