[SciPy-user] plotting packages [was ANN: SciPy 0.4.4 released]

Jon Peirce Jonathan.Peirce at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Jan 16 09:50:26 CST 2006

Jon Peirce wrote:
>> On Mon, 16 Jan 2006, Robert Kern apparently wrote:   
>>> > xplt, gplt and plt have been removed from scipy. They 
>>> > currently live in the scipy.sandbox namespace, but that is 
>>> > probably not built for official releases.  They will not 
>>> > be returning to scipy. There has been some stated interest 
>>> > in taking up the maintenance of xplt as a separate 
>>> > package, but no one has announced a release or a new home 
>>> > for the code. 
>> Might it be worth announcing the need for a new home for 
>> xplt on comp.lang.python?  And what about the Yorick 
>> maintainers: might they be interested?
>> fwiw,
>> Alan Isaac  
> Maybe instead we could let xplt die a peaceful death? For years the 
> python community suffered with a large number of half-finished 
> products for plotting (sorry to sound so melodramatic - admittedly i 
> dont think anyone actually died from the problem of the inadequate 
> plotting package!). Then John Hunter came along (hail the conquering 
> hero) and did wonders in making Matplotlib the central plotting 
> package that could accomplish an enormous variety of very high quality 
> plots but remain extremely usable.
> Announcing a new home for xplt (or the need for one) makes it sound 
> like this is also a suitable alternative to matplotlib, but for most 
> people that really isn't true. IMHO it would be better for everyone to 
> point to Matplotlib, and if there is some feature it missing, let's 
> prioritise getting them in there rather than maintianing two packages. 
> (e.g. mesh plots?)
> just my $0.02
> Jon
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