[SciPy-user] SciPy import error in linalg

Christopher Fonnesbeck chris at trichech.us
Mon Jan 16 10:11:38 CST 2006

 From today's svn, I get the following import error from linalg:

       6 from linalg_version import linalg_version as __version__
----> 8 from basic import *
         global basic = undefined
       9 from decomp import *
      10 from matfuncs import *

      15 #from blas import get_blas_funcs
      16 #from lapack import get_lapack_funcs
---> 17 from flinalg import get_flinalg_funcs
         global flinalg = undefined
         get_flinalg_funcs = undefined
      18 from scipy.lib.lapack import get_lapack_funcs
      19 from numpy import  

      13     import _flinalg
      14 except ImportError:
---> 15     from numpy.distutils.misc_util import PostponedException
         global numpy.distutils.misc_util = undefined
         PostponedException = undefined
      16     _flinalg = PostponedException()
      17     print _flinalg.__doc__

ImportError: cannot import name PostponedException

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