[SciPy-user] Bug in stats?

Paul Ray Paul.Ray at nrl.navy.mil
Thu Jan 19 21:11:17 CST 2006


I'm getting nan when I try to calculate the stats on any distribution
In [1]: import scipy
Overwriting fft=<function fft at 0x1458730> from scipy.fftpack.basic  
(was <function fft at 0x14478b0> from numpy.dft.fftpack)
Overwriting ifft=<function ifft at 0x1458770> from  
scipy.fftpack.basic (was <function inverse_fft at 0x14478f0> from  

In [2]: scipy.stats.norm.stats()
Out[2]: (nan, nan)

In [3]: scipy.__version__
Out[3]: '0.4.4'

I get nan's for all distributions I have tried and the loc and scale  
parameters don't seem to help.

Is this a bug or am I using it wrong?


-- Paul

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