[SciPy-user] Installing SciPy on Linux (with enhancements)

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Sun Jan 22 10:35:35 CST 2006

Thanks. I made a link from the wiki:


Robert Hetland wrote:

>In case anyone is interested, here is a link to unofficial directions  
>for installing SciPy on Linux (slightly more detailed than on the  
>SciPy Install page, but more specific for Linux), written by Steve  
>Baum (http://stommel.tamu.edu/~baum):
>Rob Hetland, Assistant Professor
>Dept of Oceanography, Texas A&M University
>p: 979-458-0096, f: 979-845-6331
>e: hetland at tamu.edu, w: http://pong.tamu.edu
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