[SciPy-user] sparse matrices and umfpack

Robert Cimrman cimrman3 at ntc.zcu.cz
Mon Jan 23 03:27:08 CST 2006

Barry Drake wrote:
> I'm trying to use UMFSparse, but there is no module
> umfpack which should be imported at the beginning of
> UMFSparse.py:
> """UMFSparse:  A minimal sparse-matrix class for
> Python, useful for interfacing
> with the UMFPACK library for solving large linear
> systems,
> Where is umfpack?  I'm using the latest version of
> Enthought's Python distro on a Win XP Pro system. 
> I've searched my hard drive, the message archives,
> googled, and gmaned.  So far nothing that helps.
> Anyone know where the umfpack module is?

I may have the idea :) UMFSparse.py is an obsolete file.
Try to get the new scipy from the subversion directory: (see e.g. 
- it contains sparse matrix support under 'scipy.sparse'.
If you are interested specifically in the umfpack solver, there are 
stand-alone wrappers in 'scipy/Lib/sandbox/umfpack' directory (shame on 
me it's not yet merged into scipy.sparse...). However in order to use 
it, you must dowload and install umfpack (it is not included in scipy) 
from http://www.cise.ufl.edu/research/sparse/umfpack/ - the wrappers 
work with the version 4.4.


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