[SciPy-user] Strange behavior with scipy.test()

Travis Brady travis.brady at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 16:17:59 CST 2006

I've just installed Numpy-0.9.2 and Scipy-0.4.4 from the windows binaries on
another box I have access to and Numpy.test() works as expected by
scipy.test() yields the following strange message and kicks me out of
ipython (0.7.1):

In [1]: import scipy
In [2]: scipy.test()
Overwriting lib=<module 'scipy.lib' from
b\__init__.pyc'> from C:\Python24\lib\site-packages\scipy\lib\__init__.pyc
<module 'numpy.lib' from
 from C:\Python24\lib\site-packages\numpy\lib\__init__.pyc)
  Found 128 tests for scipy.linalg.fblas
  Found 10 tests for scipy.stats.morestats
  Found 92 tests for scipy.stats.stats
  Found 36 tests for scipy.linalg.decomp
  Found 6 tests for scipy.optimize.optimize
  Found 4 tests for scipy.linalg.lapack
  Found 1 tests for scipy.optimize.zeros
  Found 92 tests for scipy.stats
  Found 41 tests for scipy.linalg.basic
  Found 339 tests for scipy.special.basic
  Found 128 tests for scipy.lib.blas.fblas
  Found 7 tests for scipy.linalg.matfuncs
  Found 42 tests for scipy.lib.lapack
  Found 1 tests for scipy.optimize.cobyla
  Found 14 tests for scipy.lib.blas
  Found 14 tests for scipy.linalg.blas
  Found 70 tests for scipy.stats.distributions
  Found 6 tests for scipy.optimize
  Found 0 tests for __main__
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