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Paul Ray Paul.Ray at nrl.navy.mil
Tue Jan 31 09:19:49 CST 2006

On Jan 31, 2006, at 10:04 AM, Ed Schofield wrote:

> Joe Cooper wrote:
>> As threatened, the new Moin wiki has taken over the SciPy.org site.

I think it looks great, and I'm happy that the new SciPy and NumPy  
have an "official" home, so I can start having all my developers  
install consistent releases and get past the Numeric/numarray  
confusion that has been causing trouble.  I'm sure the transition to  
NumPy will take some work, but so far I haven't had many problems.   
(BTW, does SciPy 0.4.4 require NumPy 0.9.2, or will NumPy 0.9.4  
work?  If not, when will a SciPy release be made that supports NumPy  

However, one problem with the pretty front page image is that it  
doesn't work with the new SciPy!  xplt has been removed from the  
default build, and relegated to the sandbox.  This is fine, as  
matplotlib is the preferred plotting interface.   Thus, I think the  
image should be changed to something that will actually work.  (I  
realize this may be tricky since SciPy no longer does graphics, and  
graphics are pretty, and you probably don't want to have the SciPy  
front page highlight something that is really in matplotlib, not SciPy.)

I'm not sure what the best solution is, but it brings up a question I  
have.  What is the currently favored way to make a simple 3-d surface  
plot like the one of the bessel function on the front page?  I didn't  
see that capability in matplotlib, but perhaps I missed it.  If they  
had it, you would think there would be a 3-d plot screenshot, but  
there isn't:
Any suggestions for easy 3-d surface plots of numpy arrays?


-- Paul

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