[SciPy-user] where to get version 0.3.2?

Travis N. Vaught travis at enthought.com
Tue Jan 31 11:22:57 CST 2006

Travis N. Vaught wrote:
> Christian Meesters wrote:
>> ...
>> Perhaps somebody has the installer saved and could send it to me?
> I'm uploading some of the scipy 0.3.2 binaries to the sourceforge site 
> now--I'll repost when they're available (and update the wiki page).
> Travis
[Apologies for the cross-post]

I've finished uploading the "legacy" binaries to the sourceforge site.  
Let me know if there are any errors or omissions.

I've also disabled (from non-developer view) the forums and trackers at 
the sourceforge site--there are folks who have been posting there, but 
no one is monitoring these tools.

Please use the mailing lists for questions:
scipy-user at scipy.org -- subscribe at 
scipy-dev at scipy.org -- subscribe at 

and use the Tracker for issue/bugs/feature requests:




p.s. Developers, please help move any relevant issues from sourceforge 
over to the developer tracker.)

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