[SciPy-user] triangulation error

Simon Anders simon.anders at uibk.ac.at
Thu Jun 1 08:48:13 CDT 2006

Hi Martin,

Martin Rutzinger schrieb:
> has anybody experience with triangulating data with scipy?

No, but I recently used Akima's surface interpolation algorithm, which
in turn uses Delaunay triangulation. For this purpose, I've written a
SWIG interface to wrap Akima's Fortan code for Python.

Akima's code (ACM Collected Algorithms, http://www.acm.org/pubs/calgo/ ,
Algorithm No. 761) uses Renka's Delauney triangulation code (called
TRIPACK, ACM CALGO, Nr. 772), and this all works well for me.

So, if your problems persists, I can send you my code. I haven't looked
yet at NumPy's triangulation routine (where is it in the CVS tree?) but
I would be surprised if it does not also link to Renka's Fortran code,
and hence, I might be able to help getting this to work if necessary.


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