[SciPy-user] fisrt version of physical constants module + codata

weg werp wegwerp at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 02:44:43 CDT 2006

Hi group,

attached is the first version of what I had in mind:

I updated Chucks version of the codata values (who used the 1998
values) with a fresh copy from NIST of the 2002 values. I parsed the
ascii file from their website automatically to a dict with only some
minor fudging, so all typos should be from NIST. Names and variables
might have changed slightly, but the interface is kept the same.

As a wrapper around the codata I made an easy-to-use module which just
defines a bunch of floats and a few small functions. This also
contains a lot of conversion constants between SI and other systems.
It was fun digging for all the official definitions. Made me happy
that I grew up in a metric country....

The list could probably be extended a little bit, so please list your
favorite constants or suggestions for other names. I am biased towards
physics, so propably some basic astronomy, biology or chemistry is
missing. I am not going to include the complete periodic system

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