[SciPy-user] fisrt version of physical constants module + codata

weg werp wegwerp at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 11:50:14 CDT 2006

> I think you should establish a naming convention for us, imperial,
> (metric?) values. eg.
> cup_us = 0.2365882365
> cup = 0.25
> This means changing gallon to gallon_us
My convention is to only use the most common version without any
suffix and only mark the lesser used variants (if they are used at
all).  If you look back long enough every city had their own foot. It
is bad enough that we still have those imperial versions hanging
around in the first place, so lets not encourage any nonstandard
variants of forbidden units. I am also trying to restrict it to units
used in science/engineering, unless someone is writing a Scipy powered
'tablespoon to teaspoon' converter....

> Extra units I'd like to see:
Thanks, I will include those in the next version.


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