[SciPy-user] bug fixes + changes to scipy.optimize

Alexandre Guimond alexandre.guimond at mirada-solutions.com
Thu Jun 8 02:55:19 CDT 2006



I've fixed a small bug in scipy.optimize.brent where the maximum number
of iterations was not taken into account. 


I've also made changes so that:


1) it is possible to specify the initial direction set used in powell

2) set bracket parameters from higher level calls such as powell. For
example, it allows to do:


scipy.optimize.fmin_powell( lambda x: - sm.Ll( x ),

                            bracket_keywords = { 'grow_limit': 10 } )



Note that changes in 2) are incomplete in the sense that similar changes
could also be done for brent parameters as well as to golden, etc. in
order to keep a consistence interface. I could finish this if the patch
was to be included in scipy. Let me know.


The patch is attached. This is against scipy 0.4.9







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