[SciPy-user] scipy.io.loadmat can't handle structs from octave

Nick Fotopoulos nvf at MIT.EDU
Mon Jun 12 11:44:36 CDT 2006

From: Brian Blais <bblais at bryant.edu>

 > (If this comes twice, please forgive.  I sent this earlier, and it
 > didn't appear)
 > Hello,
 > I am trying to load some .mat files in python, that were saved with
 > octave.  I get some weird things with strings, and structs fail
 > altogether.  Am I doing something wrong?  Python 2.4, Scipy
 > '', numpy 0.9.8, octave 2.1.71, running Linux.
 > thanks,
 >	Brian Blais



This is a bug with how loadmat handles mat-file strings in general.  I 
fixed it in ticket #14 
(http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/scipy/ticket/14), but it has not yet 
been checked into SVN (I am not a dev).

After backing up mio.py, you can drop the two files attached to the 
ticket right into your site-packages/scipy/io directory.  Let me know if 
it works for you.

Take care,

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