[SciPy-user] Low pass filter design and usage

Joseph Kardamis (RIT Student) jrk9185 at rit.edu
Thu Jun 15 09:57:27 CDT 2006

I need help in creating a low pass filter; I have very little experience in digital signal processing, if any. The context of the lowpass filter is as such: an audio signal is split into an array of subband signals attuned to particular frequencies.  These subband signals are then processed with full-wave compression, half-wave rectification, and lowpass filtering.  It seems that the scipy.signal module should have what I need to perform lowpass filtering, but my lack of knowledge in DSP is making it difficult to know what I'm doing or where even to start.

For each band, I know the center frequency of the band, and the lowpass filtering occurs at twice the center frequency.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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