[SciPy-user] warnings in leastsq and fsolve in scipy.optimize

Taro Sato nomo17k at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 11:28:59 CDT 2006

Hi there.  I have a suggestion for improving leastsq and fsolve in
scipy.optimize.  One thing I don't like about these routines is that depending
on the stopping condition (usually when solutions do not converge for various
reasons), these functions print out a "warning" message to stdout, simply using
the built-in print statement; the stopping condition is returned from the
functions in any case, so users can trap and handle them accordingly if they
choose to do so.

I think it's better to at least print out this kind of information using
something like warnings module facilities, so that users can at least suppress
the message if they wish.

What do you think???

Thank you for your time,

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