[SciPy-user] error on testing installed package and question on calling lapack functions

JJ josh8912 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 17 12:59:07 CDT 2006

Hello all:
First a quick question on calling lapack functions. 
It seems that scipy does not have a function for
calculating the reciprocal condition number of a
matrix.  If I can pass a matrix to the lapack function
DGECON I can get the values I need, but I dont
understand the syntax for calling lapack functions.  I
read about lapack.get_lapack_funcs but still am
confused.  Could someone offer a simple example to
call a lapack function from python?

Second, with some effort I got AMD, numpy, and scipy
to install on my AMD 64 bit machine using the amcl
libs.  I did install cblas but as far as I could tell,
neither numpy nor scipy linked to the libraries.  I
did get one error when I ran the tests after
installing.  If anyone is interested, here it is:

> ----------
> FAIL: check_cdf
> (scipy.stats.tests.test_distributions.test_f)
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "<string>", line 9, in check_cdf
> AssertionError: D = 0.302318897387; pval =
> 0.00313615240765; alpha = 0.01
> args = (1.0151727844701894, 1.8204690429811792)
> -----------------------
Also, for what its worth, the only way I could get
numpy to install correctly was by using gfortran as
the compiler and linking to the gfortran libs.

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