[SciPy-user] odeint rtol and atol default values

Steve Schmerler elcorto at gmx.net
Sun Jun 25 13:47:06 CDT 2006

Nils Wagner wrote:
> On Sun, 25 Jun 2006 19:17:16 +0200
>   Steve Schmerler <elcorto at gmx.net> wrote:
>> Hi
>> What are the default values for rtol and atol in 
>> scipy.integrate.odeint?
> You can find them in scipy/Lib/integrate/ode.py
>   rtol=1e-6,atol=1e-12

Sure? What you mention is in site-packages/scipy/integrate/ode.py where 
the class ode is defined. But I'm using integrate.odeint (in 
site-packages/scipy/integrate/odepack.py) and there is nothing mentioned 
about it. odeint is there called like this

import _odepack


output = _odepack.odeint(func, y0, t, args, Dfun, col_deriv, ml, mu,
                              full_output, rtol, atol, tcrit, h0, hmax,hmin,
                              ixpr, mxstep, mxhnil, mxordn, mxords)

BTW, does anyone have experiences with the ode class (and it's vode (or 
cvode?) solver) rather than odeint's lsoda?


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