[SciPy-user] New feature added to weave's standard array type converters

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Thu Jun 29 05:13:43 CDT 2006

In all my playing with weave, I added a new feature to the standard 
array type converters.

If you have a NumPy array bound to the name 'a' in Python that is passed 
into weave with the standard type converter, then the macros A1(i), 
A2(i,j), A3(i,j,k) and A4(i,j,k,l) will be defined for you to use to 
de-reference the elements of the array as the appropriate data-type.

All of the macros are defined --- use the one that actually applies to 
your array.   This feature lets you write integer-index code in a 
readable fashion that will work for arbitrarily strided arrays.

The macros are named <upper_python_name>1,  <upper_python_name>2, 
<upper_python_name>3, and <upper_python_name>4

where <upper_python_name> is the python name converted to all capital 


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