[SciPy-user] Struggling to make use of sparse

William Hunter William.Hunter at mmhgroup.com
Fri Jun 30 07:40:42 CDT 2006

Old Matlab user here, I need some help on using 'sparse'. Not a lot of
documentation on it, and I suck at programming, so there you go...
I have a (sparse) array [K] and vector {F}. I need to solve for {U}. If
these were 'normal' matrices, I would do the following:
>>> import numpy as N
>>> U = N.linalg.solve(K,F)
I know how to get the matrices (both K and F) in sparse format with
'lil_matrix', but I get an error if I try the following:
>>> import scipy.spare as SS
>>> U = SS.sparse.solve(K,F)
What am I doing wrong? Somebody who's done FEA type stuff will be able
to answer.
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