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Thu Jun 29 10:37:20 CDT 2006

been built with Numeric-21.0, but this information looks dated.
So, I have tried several versions (CVS included), but somehow the SciPy
installer refused to overwrite the necessary modules (maybe because
they were newer, or because my registry database is broken -- I am
running Windows 98 with Win4Lin under Linux).

IMHO, it is much more friendly to include a full NumPy (even if it is
not the latest), instead of only a few binary modules.
You are locking authors of NumPy based extension modules out of the
'market' ( I have written a Qt/Qwt based plotting package, see ).

MicroSoft has been sued for a similar policy :-)

Regards -- Gerard Vermeulen

PS: your recipy for rebuilding SciPy on Windows looks pretty old.
Did anybody try MinGW-2.O.O? And is MSYS-1.0.7 sufficient to
build ATLAS?

PPS: I am not rich enough to sue you.

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