[SciPy-user] scipy.stats.ttest_ind broken?

Zachary Pincus zpincus at stanford.edu
Wed Mar 1 03:54:01 CST 2006

Hi folks,

I'm using scipy 0.4.6 with numpy 0.9.5, and I have noticed that the t- 
test in the stats library is broken.

scipy.stats.ttest_ind([1,2,3], [4,5,6])
exceptions.TypeError                      Traceback (most recent call  

packages/scipy/stats/stats.py in ttest_ind(a, b, axis, printit,  
name1, name2, writemode)
    1461     if type(t) == ArrayType:
    1462         probs = reshape(probs,t.shape)
-> 1463     if len(probs) == 1:
    1464         probs = probs[0]

TypeError: len() of unsized object

What's happening is that betai is returning a scalar value, which has  
no length. This causes the len(probs) call to fail.

Zach Pincus

Program in Biomedical Informatics and Department of Biochemistry
Stanford University School of Medicine

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