[SciPy-user] scipy.optimize.anneal with multiple parameters

Tim Leslie tim.leslie at gmail.com
Sun Mar 5 22:14:51 CST 2006

On 3/6/06, Robert Kern <robert.kern at gmail.com> wrote:
> Tim Leslie wrote:
> > So, am I doing something wrong, in which case could someone show me the
> > light, or is anneal a bit broken, in which case I'm happy to dive in and
> > take a stab at fixing it.
> It looks like anneal()'s argument handling is not very robust. If you pass
> in
> arrays instead of lists, it should probably work. The way to fix it would
> be to
> call numpy.asarray() on the appropriate inputs.

Thanks for the quick reply Robert. I came across that solution about 1
minute after I hit the send button. Always the way :-)

Anyway, it looks like there's quite a few things in the anneal module which
aren't very robust. If I do some work to fix it up, what would be the best
way to submit a patch?



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