[SciPy-user] 64 bit support

Paul Ray Paul.Ray at nrl.navy.mil
Mon Mar 6 18:13:35 CST 2006


Does anyone have experience building SciPy on 64 bit linux boxes?

Our machine is a dual Opteron, running something like RedHat  
Enterprise 4.2:
xxi1 : 74>uname -a
Linux xxi1.nrl.navy.mil 2.6.9-11.ELsmp #1 SMP Thu Jun 16 11:18:13 CDT  
2005 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

We've been running into problems with numpy/scipy looking for  
libraries in /usr/lib when it should be using /usr/lib64, so that a  
simple install with setup.py install doesn't work.  It crashes when  
you run and it loads those 32 bit libraries.  I think all I need to  
do is ensure that the library search paths include /usr/lib64 and / 
usr/X11R6/lib64 and NOT /usr/lib or /usr/X11R6/lib.  What is the easy  
or "right" way to do this?  Is there an option to setup.py?  Should I  
make a site.cfg (and where should it reside?)?  Should I edit  

I assume that this configuration is becoming more common as 64-bit  
processors show up in more machines, so I'm surprised that setup.py  
doesn't already figure it out and "do the right thing".  Are we doing  
something boneheaded?


-- Paul

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