[SciPy-user] numpy/scipy+ATLAS on SuSE10.0/gcc4 (once more)

Christian Kristukat ckkart at hoc.net
Wed Mar 8 03:30:02 CST 2006

Nils Wagner wrote:
> Christian Kristukat wrote:
>> Nils Wagner wrote:
>>>  I was able to build numpy/scipy using gcc4.0.2.
>> [...]
>>> So I have used g77 to compile ATLAS and numpy/scipy. It works fine for me.
>>> Essentially gfortran cannot be used  !!!!
>> Hi Nils,
>> can you tell me how you did that? I'm about to switch to gcc3 but I'd prefer not
>> to depend on so much additional software.
>> Regards, Christian
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> Hi Christian,
> All you need is to install compat-g77. Once you have build ATLAS using
> gcc4.02
> you should build a complete liblapack.a.
> http://math-atlas.sourceforge.net/errata.html#completelp
> Copy all *.a  into /usr/local/lib/atlas
> Checkout scipy/numpy via svn
> and install them via
> python setup.py install
> That's all.

But I've tried that many times, and as said before, I end up with an error when
importing numpy or scipy:

import linalg -> failed: /usr/lib/libblas.so.3: undefined symbol: _gfortran_filename

Could you maybe send me the list of installed packages on your machine, just to
compare? (rpm -qa)

Regards, Christian

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